Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1 - Serial Number 37, March 2019 
Designing a Model for Explaining Creative Deviance in the Oil Company

Pages 15-38


Seyed Hadi Mousavi Nejad; Hojjat Vahdati; Mohammad Hakkak; Amir Hooshang Nazarpoori

Detection of Organizational Deviant Behaviors of Employees and their Reduction Mechanisms in Supervisory organizations: Appling of the Q Sort Method

Pages 39-58


mostafa ashena; Abbas Abaspour; Hamed Dehghanan; Mehdi Haghigh Kafash

Developing Comprehensive Model of Performance using Multilevel Approach

Pages 59-94


asadollah ganjali

Identify and prioritize the Factors affecting Organizational envy using Delphi Fuzzi Approach

Pages 95-114


seyed najmudin mousavi; Masoome Momenimofrad; mahnaz mehrabi

Providing a model for identifying key factors for successful implementation of knowledge management in water and wastewater companies

Pages 115-140


Faeze Mousavizade; Mohammad Shakibazad

The Effecting for Good Governance with Organizational Health and the mediating role of Political behavior

Pages 141-170


hajieh rajabi farjad; asi Azab daftari

The effect of authoritarian leadership on silence and counterproductive work behaviors: Explaining the mediator's role of representational predicament

Pages 171-187


amin zare; ali Ramezani Ghotbabadi; payam farhadi

studying and explaining factors related to management of political behavior in banking system and providing a pattern with regard to the role of mediating role of organizational silence )

Pages 188-212


mostafa Parsamoghadam; Sanjar Salajegheh; Mohammad Jalal Kamali

Presenting the model of Organizational Structure agility Razi University of Kermanshah

Pages 214-239


Saeideh Fahim; Mohamad Hasani; Hasan Ghalavandi; Alireza Ghalaei