Identify and prioritize the Factors affecting Organizational envy using Delphi Fuzzi Approach

Document Type : Research Article (with quantitative approaches)


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Organizational envy It's a negative feeling at all levels of the organization. Consequences like Weakening interpersonal relationships, eliminating friendships and harming the exchange of knowledge for the organization Has a companion. This research is combines methods and the type of research is the study of deductive and inductive. The study population consisted 27 manager of Khorramabad organizations. In this study, using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, first with use of qualitative data obtained from exploratory studies included exploratory literature review and interviews exploring the causes of Organizational envy have been identified. Second By extracting their agents through research survey data are evaluated. The results are Including tow parts, first a series of organizational inertia causes are identified and second the importance and priority of these factors are determined. The results indicate that the dissemination of culture of injustice, Personality weakness, workplace discrimination, social degradation, personality disagreement with others Lack of attention to individual skills and abilities, promotion of colleagues and low exchange of member leaders. The most important factors affecting on Organizational envy.


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