Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1 - Serial Number 41, March 2020 
Employee Well-Being in Iran; Case: Banking and Electronic ‎payment industry

Pages 15-37


Armin Golchin; Akram Hadizade; Tayebe Amirkhani; Gholam Ali tabarsa

The Contemplation on the Interaction of Bureaucracy and Democracy: A Study among Faculty Members of Universities

Pages 39-74


Farhad Mehrgan; Abolhassan Faghihi; Naser Mirsepassi

The Mental Models of Public Organizations Managers about the Driving Factors of Organizational Forgetting by Q Method

Pages 75-98


Mohammad Shaker Ardakan; Atiyeh Saberi; Gholamreza Malekzadeh

Presentation of Human Resources Risk Patternt

Pages 99-119


Roja Karimi; Akbar Etebarian; Iraj Soltani

Meta-synthesis model of integrated talent management

Pages 120-143


Mohammad Koohi Khor; Aminreza Kamalian; Normohammad Yaghoubi; Aliasghar Pourezzat

The Impact of Tyrannical Leadership on Creativity of Staff in Light of the Role of the Leader's Exchange and the Power Distance

Pages 144-167


Hajieh Rajabi Farjad; Golnaz Monshi

Designing a Performance Management Model for Iran's Insurance Industry Based on The Grounded Theory Approach (GT)

Pages 169-202


Mahnoosh Asgharzadeh; Asadollah Mehrara; Mojtaba Tabari

Providing a Model of the Entrepreneurial Social Capital with Emphasis on Social Responsibility of the Social Security Organization of Golestan Province

Pages 203-219


Aghil Esfandiyar Palank; Amir Hossein Amirkhani; Ebrahim Abbasi; Mahmoud Reza Mostaghimi