1. Issues and challenges of public policy making in Iran and the world

2. Challenges and issues related to the public sector and the administrative system

3. Governance, its new challenges and issues

4. Public taxation and budgeting in the public sector

5. Organizational Behavior and Management Organizational Behavior of Public and Government Sector Employees

6. Personnel management (human resource management) in the public sector

7. Topics related to the design of governmental organizations

8. Challenges and issues related to the field of urban and rural development management

9. Related and New Topics in Change Management in the Public and Government Sector

10. Crisis management in the public sector

11. Adaptive management and development

12. Strategic management in the public sector

13. Futurology in Public Management Studies

14. Policy making in the field of science, knowledge and technology

15. Management of government organizations in the field of finance and economics

16. Sustainable development and public administration

17. Sociology of public organizations and institutions

18. Information technology management and technology in public organizations

19. Management of systems and methods in the public sector

20. Administrative and professional ethics of public sector employees

21. Decision making and its models in the public sector