Dually quasi-De Morgan Stone semi-Heyting algebras II. Regularity

Abstract. This paper is the second of a two part series. In this Part, we
prove, using the description of simples obtained in Part I, that the variety
RDQDStSH1 of regular dually quasi-De Morgan Stone semi-Heyting algebras
of level 1 is the join of the variety generated by the twenty 3-element
RDQDStSH1-chains and the variety of dually quasi-De Morgan Boolean
semi-Heyting algebras{the latter is known to be generated by the expansions
of the three 4-element Boolean semi-Heyting algebras. As consequences of
our main theorem, we present (equational) axiomatizations for several subvarieties
of RDQDStSH1. The paper concludes with some open problems
for further investigation.
Regular dually quasi-De Morgan semi-Heyting algebra of level 1, dually pseudocomple- mented semi-Heyting algebra, De Morgan semi-Heyting algebra, strongly blended dually quasi-De Morgan Stone semi-Heyting algebra, discriminator variety, simple, directly i



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